Phone Co.: Offering a huge inventory from every era, this company also refurbishes vintage phones. ( Old Phone Works: Specializes in second-market paint jobs. ( The phones in this story have been rewired to work with modern jacks. Prices reflect items in working condition.

bramblewoodfashion: Love how feminine it was back then!!!

Another beautiful grammophone horn and love the rounded base.

Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams – Retro

Vintage 1940's 1950's 3 Slot Coin Payphone Western Electric Complete Telephone

Vintage black retro Telephone cord 3 wire connector 60 inch #vintage #retro #telephone #cord #connector #phone #parts #collectibles #hardware #repair #restoration #supplies

Vintage telephone

collection de radios #vintage

Loving all the different colors that the Crosley record players come in! Take $20 off with code: UOGIFTED

ring, ring, ring - vintage rotary telephones- FINE ART photograph - 8 x 8

The Enchanted Cove

WORKED GREAT & DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY A SMALL FORTUNE OR WAIT TO GET A SIGNAL! want this as a working phone in my house!

Anthropologie - Vintage Rotary Phone

Old coca cola vending machine

Old Sewing Spools...mine came from and old taylor who closed his shop many moons ago...he found them in New Jersey at the textile factory....

Amazing atmosphere / luvvvvv this

I want a blue rotary phone

telephone ensemble.

Party Line Anyone?